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Where your every question related to TRYBUY are answered. 


1. What is TRYBUY Mirror ?

A complex multi-platform and multi-device product visualization solution. Your customers will now be able to try on the products you sell including apparel, fashion accessories, jewelry, and hats to name a few in real time with the aid of their mobile phone, laptop or tablet right at your e-shop’s page.

2.How does mirror works ?

The mirror was written in HTML5 markup language which simply means that all browsers, operating systems, and devices can support it seamlessly and are guaranteed to work flawlessly with this mirror.
A huge advantage of the TryBuy Mirror is that all the makeover computing shall be done in our servers as a result of which your page shall not be impacted at all! Nothing but one simple source code is all that is embedded into your page.
Our virtual mirror is commendably user-friendly. The steps to start using it on your e-shop’s front page are pretty simple: 1.Click on the “TRY ON” button and select “Allow Camera”. (For most accurate results, hold the camera still and straight,in front of you)
2. The TryBuy Mirror will automatically adjust itself to your facial and body dimensions although you may require to adjust it further on your own at a later stage.
3.Click on the “Selfie” button to capture the picture of you donning that product and the “Sharing” button to share the captured picture.You can hover over your screen to view a larger image or click the small “Edit” button to re-adjusted the product to your features.

3.How can I make it work on my ecommerce ?

You need to create your free or paid account on gotrybuy.com
1.Click on “Upload product image”.
2.Choose the part of your body intended for the product.
3.Choose the product size factor i.e. how large or small you would like your product to be with the help of guidelines.
4.Accordingly, use the slider to adjust the size in the “Size Factor”. Check out how it looks on you and if you are pleased with the appearance, you are ready to go.
Finally, you will receive the link that is supposed to be embedded in your website or app of that product. Simply e-mail us at contact@gotrybuy.com and we will team up with you to make your app look great and engaging.

4.I don't time to setup my products,can you do it for me ?

Of course, you can order product integration from our admin, our professionals will do it for you.
In the Product Listing menu, select all the products which you would like to integrate and click on Order integration, or choose one of our setup packages for more viable pricing options / for more pricing options.

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